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What’s the Difference Between a Certificate and a Diploma?

These days everyone is talking about going back to school to advance their careers. And if you don’t have time to do a traditional degree program, getting a diploma or certificate is a great alternative.

Relatively quick and less expensive than a bachelor’s degree, certificates and diplomas can help you train in a specific area or skill that can secure your job, advance your career, and even put some extra dollars in your pocket.

But what’s the difference between the two, and how do you know which is right for you?

While there is a fair amount of overlap between certificate and diploma programs, and with some schools appearing to use the names interchangeably, it can be confusing to differentiate between the two. Continue reading What’s the Difference Between a Certificate and a Diploma?

Applied Management Career Options

The competition to move into managerial positions within a corporation or business is high. Without some knowledge of management procedure employees may loose their chance to successfully compete for a promotion that will advance their career. Colleges offer programs in applied management to teach students how to incorporate gained skills into their field.

Applied management degrees are designed for students that have experience in their chosen field. Continuing education allows students to learn all the areas required to fulfill a supervisory role in the business they work for. Continue reading Applied Management Career Options

Best of Both Worlds With a PhD in Computer Engineering

As Computer Engineering is a combination in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, it supposedly takes on the best of both worlds. In producing scholars with PhD in Computer Engineering, the objective is to hone their knowledge, skills and talents to understand how the software knits well with the hardware. A conventional programmer writes a complex program with no regard on how the physical circuitry works. A conventional electrical engineer designs an electrical circuit which allows current to flow through and light up bulbs. Continue reading Best of Both Worlds With a PhD in Computer Engineering

Leadership Career Schooling Possibilities

Degrees in leadership are available to students through a variety of accredited educational institutes. Students can prepare fro their desired career by studying for a leadership degree in the field of management. Coursework will vary by school and level of degree but can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to start the career they desire. Students have the opportunity to pursue degree training at an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorates degree in the field.

Associate Degree
Students should expect to spend around two years of study on an accredited associate’s degree in leadership. Continue reading Leadership Career Schooling Possibilities

Engineering Institutes

Since past few decades, many engineering colleges are dedicated towards bringing up a good benchmark in quality and assessment. The statistics of demand of engineering colleges has never shown a downward curve and therefore, has strengthened the value of engineering course. Ever since the establishment of top engineering institutes, engineering education in India has got a unique standard and have been adopted by a pool of aspirants.

The engineering institutes have been great contributors to the manufacturing industry and have always, more or less, guided the economy. Continue reading Engineering Institutes

USMLE Step 2 CK Exam – Four Ways to Score Above 220

While so much emphasis is put on the Step 1 exam, it is equally important to pay special attention to the USMLE CK exam and ensure that you don’t blow your chances of a great residency program by scoring poorly on the Step 2 CK exam. If you scored well on the Step 1 exam, you can hurt your chances of a great residency by doing poorly on the CK exam, whereas if you didn’t fare so well on the Step 1 exam, a solid Step 2 score can increase your odds of landing a great residency spot in the specialty of your choice.

In order to ensure a great score on the CK exam, you must pay attention to the details and stay focused on proper and adequate preparation. Continue reading USMLE Step 2 CK Exam – Four Ways to Score Above 220

The Freshman’s Guide to the Social Scene at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA

First of all, I would like to point out that I do not condone underage drinking in any form as stated by federal law due to the proven health risks associated with this practice.

Two years ago, as an incoming high school senior ready to start applying to colleges, I sat down and thought to myself what exactly I want out of my four years of college. Number one on my list was a school that would provide me with a strong academic background to prepare me for medical school. Like many incoming college students, I wanted to find that oh so difficult to attain balance between work and play. Continue reading The Freshman’s Guide to the Social Scene at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA

A Liberal Arts Degree Program – A Well-Rounded Education

A liberal arts degree program offers a more well-rounded learning experience than a technical, vocational or business program. These programs introduce students to books as well as the philosophy and science that form disciplined and creative habits of thought. One of these programs trains an individual how to think rather than what to think and can lead to endless possibilities.

What does a this type of education have to do with the realities that graduates will face after college? The development of the capacities for critical thinking associated with a liberal arts degree program education can be extremely practical because these are the foundation on which to draw for decision making, continual learning, and for making a difference in the workplace.

Given the pace of social and technological change, it does not make sense to devote multiple years of higher education to studying one specific area or skill set. Continue reading A Liberal Arts Degree Program – A Well-Rounded Education