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Business Administration – Degree Training Programs

Working with all the functional areas of a business requires knowledge not only about the business world but also management abilities. Learning how to incorporate both into a successful career is what a degree program in business administration does. Students can expect to learn how to be a part of a business through a centralized education.

Training can be gained at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level. Education focuses on teaching students about the business environment while stressing the managerial side of working with a business and its employees. Continue reading Business Administration – Degree Training Programs

PhD in Information Technology is Hot Stuff in the Job Market

If you have recently completed your tertiary education in the computer field and you fear that the competition in the job market is too intense, try opting for higher qualification such as Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree.

Get a PhD in Information Technology in order to better equip yourself with leverage in the job market. It is common knowledge that IT is a booming industry and there is no successful establishment or even a local company in existence without at much as an IT analyst.

Make sure that you have a background in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and if you do not measure up to the basic requirements then you must take up remedial courses which can compensate your lacking experience in those fields. Continue reading PhD in Information Technology is Hot Stuff in the Job Market

Business Administration Degrees – A Gold Mine Waiting to Be Discovered

Imagine yourself as an electronic engineer who has been promoted to the position of the company’s chief executive officer. One of the goals of that position is to ensure that you make maximum profits. However, you are not sure of how to do accounting calculations or to read financial statement, but you are ultimately expected to lead the company on the path of success. In such a situation, what do you do? You go to school to earn one of the business administration-degrees.

You may be asking, “But why business administration-degrees?” It is because of questions like this one that this article has been written. Continue reading Business Administration Degrees – A Gold Mine Waiting to Be Discovered

Salary Increment With PhD in Juridical Science

In the interest of having the best of judgment in handling court cases, a representative with a PhD in Juridical Science may have leverage against the opponents. However there are other motives on why law graduates should pursue PhD in Juridical Science. The higher the qualification the higher the salary you can demand from your employers.

Law professors are known to have made at least a handsome salary of $100,000 per annum. Not only that, professional consultancy is also as pricey as the level of experience of these law practitioners. Continue reading Salary Increment With PhD in Juridical Science

It’s About Time – College Success and Life Success

Have you ever said “I’m too busy to get organized”?

Do you set up a system to organize your time and your life and then spend so much time organizing you don’t get anything done?

Do you find that you consistently cut yourself short on some area of your life, such as studies, sleep, finances, friends, family, and self-care?

It’s all about time. Here are some time-related things to consider:

* It is an equal opportunity resource

* It cannot be saved up for later

* It is a non-renewable resource

* It can sometimes seem to pass at varying speeds

* The more time that is wasted in procrastination, the more unpleasant your time will be when you are rushing to complete the put-off task.

* Time is the most valuable resource each of us has

Here is a list of 57 time management hacks complied by the folks at the College @ Home website. Continue reading It’s About Time – College Success and Life Success

The Characteristics of Effective Physician Assistants – Kindness

Physician assistants are professionally trained individuals that are licensed to provide health care services under the supervision of a trained and experience professional physician. The health care sector is of course a service industry, and this means how physician assistants interact and deal with their patients is vital to their success and effective provision of their services.

People are known to be difficult and stubborn when they are sick, and it is easy for a physician to be impatient and easily lose their cool, but it is vital that they keep a level of emotion within themselves that will mould them into great and respectable professionals. Continue reading The Characteristics of Effective Physician Assistants – Kindness

Career Options After Completing MBA Business Administration

MBA business administration degree programs are in huge demand all over the globe” and once you complete your degree, you have a wide variety of options ahead of you. These programs prepare the students for today’s business requirements and thus, these graduates easily get placed in top companies. The employment opportunities get all the more brighter for those who have done work in their field of interest. They can easily land upon great jobs in their preferred industries.

Banking comes as one of the most preferred field of entry for MBA graduates. Continue reading Career Options After Completing MBA Business Administration

TEACH – The Groundbreaking Sober College Program

Many individual succumb to addiction by not being able to cope with their life. The entire structure of their life becomes shaky in regards to relationships, education, career etc. Sober Living is a guiding star for such individuals. It not only treats the addicted but also extends an effective long term aftercare support, with educating the families as well, for avoiding the relapses. The person begins a new life with new self esteem and zest. But there could be hindrances for them at the school, college level. Continue reading TEACH – The Groundbreaking Sober College Program

Why Are For-Profit Universities So Popular?

The For-Profit Schools (University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Capella University, Kaplan University, Northcentral University, etc.) continue to be very popular choices for adult learners. University of Phoenix is now approaching 500,000 students (online and on-campus), equaling the number of students attending all California State Universities.

The For-Profit universities attract working professionals with tuition assistance programs (TAP) at their companies. These TAP programs reimburse part or all their employees’ education. Continue reading Why Are For-Profit Universities So Popular?