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Preparing For a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Attaining a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology allows you to specialize in issues related to individual behaviors in organizational systems, and how the organization can be affected by them. They also look at how environmental factors can affect these individuals at work and their wellbeing. Ideally, one venturing in this field should be interested in research and has problem-solving skills regarding such issues. There are ways to overcome the hurdles of ending up with incomplete prerequisites to get this qualification. Continue reading Preparing For a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PhD in Management

The Ph.D. in Management is a doctorate degree that is central to the study of business but broken into various areas of specialization which includes: Accounting, Corporate Secretaryship, Economics, Ethics and Legal studies, Health Care Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Decision Sciences (Decision Theory and Decision analysis), Organizational Behavior, Statistics, Strategy, Technology and Operations Research, Finance, etc.

In the challenging educational world we find ourselves in today, obtaining a faculty or academic position in any higher institution of learning is almost impossible without a doctorate degree. Continue reading PhD in Management

Various Universities and Colleges Offering Online Degrees

In the past, working and studying at the same time is a challenging situation. However, due to the advances in the internet, there are various universities and colleges offering degrees online. For professionals, enrolling in an online program is the best option if you want to advance in your education and broaden your horizons.

What you need if you want to enroll in colleges offering online degrees

Limestone College in Gaffney

Limestone College is a 4 year liberal arts college located in Gaffney, South Carolina. The Christian, non-denominational college was established in 1845 as the first women’s college in South Carolina. In the late 1960s Limestone became coeducational. Nine of the campus buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to the Gaffney campus, Limestone College offers evening classes at seven other campus locations and on the Internet. The other campus locations are in Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greer, Kingstree, Lowcountry (Yemassee), and Aiken/North Augusta.

Total enrollment at Limestone College is approximately 3,500 students. Continue reading Limestone College in Gaffney

CLEP is the Perfect Alternative to Summer Classes

Many college students are weary of the lecture, homework, and study routine by the time summer rolls around. The last thing they want to think about is enrolling in summer school. Instead, many college students prefer to spend the lazy days of summer lounging by the pool or maybe even earn a few bucks with a part-time job.

Of course, this strategy presents a problem. With today’s rigorous degree plans, it is usually necessary to enroll in summer classes in order to graduate on time. Students who forgo summer school usually take more than the typical 4 years of study in order to meet their degree requirements.

But there is a solution that combines the relaxed schedule of summer with the need for earning college credit. Continue reading CLEP is the Perfect Alternative to Summer Classes

Garner a Different Perspective With a PhD in Leadership

A PhD in Leadership is used to wholly educate the student in general, regardless of the discipline or field of profession. It covers all ranges of fields from health care to architecture. This program is suitable for the student to think critically and put forward his or her suggestions which can help improve the field of profession or study to a personal perspective.

The main outlook of the PhD in Leadership is to prepare and train the student have a moral conscious or thought which can applied to the respective fields.

The prospective students must meet the requirements of the core course credits, elective course credits as well as ethics and research credit hours. Continue reading Garner a Different Perspective With a PhD in Leadership

Visual Communications Higher Education Options

Training for a career in visual communications can be done by enrolling in an accredited school or college. Students can prepare for the career of their dreams by gaining the skills and knowledge needed to enter into the field. Training can be completed through a variety of accredited schools and colleges that offer career training in this field. Students can pursue a certificate, or associates or bachelors degree. There are several things students should look into prior to enrollment.

Training in visual communications will give students the skills they need to carry out a variety of tasks. Continue reading Visual Communications Higher Education Options

IIT Engineering Versus Engineering From UK University

IIT is a brand in itself in India. In fact its group of 15 colleges all over India has earned them the title of ‘institutes of national importance’ by the Parliament. Getting admitted into such a college will be great for one’s career! On the other hand, an engineering university in UK gives you international exposure immediately. So which option to choose? Read on to find out!

IIT Engineering

IIT in India is pursued by lakhs of students every year out of which only few lucky ones make to the final list. Continue reading IIT Engineering Versus Engineering From UK University

Tips to Cut Cost on College Education

Every parent is aware of the fact that they have to spend lot money for their child’s college education. Many foresee these expenses and try to save money towards tuition and college fees. Not all the parents are able to save enough money. It becomes difficult for them to plan on retirement savings. As a result they send their kids to an average or a mediocre college, that too after spending thousands of dollars. But there are some clever parents who collect all the necessary information and save money accordingly and spend get make their kids join in their dream college. Continue reading Tips to Cut Cost on College Education