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Choosing Your College Major

After graduating high school, choosing a college major can be a splash of reality and your first formal introduction into the “real world.” Many colleges have a plethora of majors in which to choose from and some will seem interesting while others will turn you off. It’s just part of human nature. There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing your major and these should help take the weight off a little bit. I have included some advice you ought to read before beginning college and choosing a major.

First, remember, you don’t have to choose a major right away. Continue reading Choosing Your College Major

Graduating College and Finding a Job in X-Ray

If you’re reading this, then you are likely seeking knowledge on either (1) How in the world am I gonna finish x-ray school? Or, (2) Ok, I graduated. Now how the heck am I gonna find a job? Those questions are tough, to be sure. But, never fear! I have some answers for you.

X-ray school is hard! I’m never gonna pass my exams, clinicals, etc…

Relax. There are tons of sources out there for you. It’s not as hard as you think. Most of my classmates’ biggest fears was of the math-based classes. Continue reading Graduating College and Finding a Job in X-Ray

Graphic Design – Career Training Programs

Graphic design professionals receive their training from a number of accredited schools and colleges. Students looking to enter into careers in this field can do so by researching various educational programs. Students can train for a career in a number of specialized areas in graphic design. With an accredited educational training program students can earn an associate’s, bachelors, or masters degree. Certificates and continuing education are available as well.

Advertising Design
Students can study to enter a variety of careers in the field of graphic design with an education in advertising design. Continue reading Graphic Design – Career Training Programs

Hotel Management Institutes

Today, hotel industry is among the top most industries that are growing at a very fast pace and offering many exciting and lucrative career opportunities. Within the hospitality industry, hotels section has the ability to offer a lot of educational, internship and certification opportunities for aspirants pursuing a career in Hotel Management. A hotel management profession can be taken up via formal education that requires a degree in management training followed up by experience in the same field. Continue reading Hotel Management Institutes

Journalism Courses

In today’s era, journalism is considered as one of the glamorous fields as it has gone beyond the traditional and archival style of journalism and has shown the signs of high success and opportunities for new comers. In the past few years, a great demand and enrollment of candidates in various journalism courses have been noticed thereby, supporting the fact about its popularity and importance. In the current state of communication and technology, everybody wants to keep himself updated about the latest happenings around him. Continue reading Journalism Courses

Is a PhD in Engineering Right For You?

Saturation of the job market has caused many to seek options in making themselves more attractive to employers. Garnering additional qualifications, academic and professional alike, are paths often tread upon. Since the pursuit of a PhD in Engineering requires a substantial investment in time, cost and effort, it is best to do some of your own research. If the returns are worth the outlay, hand in your application for admission.

Obvious factors for consideration by potential PhD candidates are normally prestige and salary. Continue reading Is a PhD in Engineering Right For You?

PhD in Poultry Science For Healthier Birds

Whoever thought in the past the study of fowls would become a science on its own. The not so recent happenings of flu strains brought on by certain types of poultry life are just causes to push the scientific community to pursue further on this subject. The majority of the inhabitants on this planet consume some form of poultry, chicken being the most populous fare. Hence it is logical to delve deeper into methods to make this source of food more sustainable and healthier to the benefit of the current and future generation of man.

A PhD in Poultry Science enables its student to focus on poultry throughout its various stages of life. Continue reading PhD in Poultry Science For Healthier Birds

Colleges Need to Do More Marketing

In my time as a vendor (for those that didn’t know I used to work for a higher education vendor), I consistently saw colleges not do enough marketing. Colleges would take stabs at mostly meaningless branding, without leads or bought leads without branding. What are they thinking?

The most often used excuse I heard was not enough budget, but I contend that schools need to be run more like a business. This is exactly what the “for profits” are doing at this point, they are being run like a business.

I think that some non-traditionals think they are “beyond” or above marketing. Continue reading Colleges Need to Do More Marketing

Radiology School Admission Requirements

The radiology school admission requirements vary from school to school, but the typical prerequisites are a high school diploma or GED and a certain background of high school level math and science classes. This usually includes two years of math and two years of science with grades of C or better, although if you didn’t take or pass that many math and science classes during high school you may be able to supplement your transcripts with community college courses. The radiology schools will also evaluate PSAT, SAT and/or ACT scores when determining your eligibility into the program.

Some schools may interview their prospective students as part of their radiology school admission requirements, or they might have applicants fill out lengthy forms providing information about their background and their future goals. Continue reading Radiology School Admission Requirements