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College Admissions Strategy

Those applying to selective colleges need as much guidance as possible. It’s important to remember that admission officers read thousands of applications and are impressed with those students that can differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Here’s how to stand out on your apps: Although a challenging curriculum, strong GPA and stellar test scores (for schools that require test scores) are essential, other sections of the college application are increasingly important.

-Select essay topics that are unique. Continue reading College Admissions Strategy

Go Back to School

With the economy in tatters, unemployment rampant and housing foreclosures skyrocketing, you might want to take action rather than waste more time waiting for the government stimulus program to kick in. After all, the same Wall Street bankers the President says he has reined in reported record profits while the unemployed he has helped have been sitting cut off from benefits for more than a month. Do you really think the government can solve your economic problems? It cannot, but you can. That is why you should go back to school right now.

Unemployed people especially should go back to school. Continue reading Go Back to School

Research in Business – Driving the Latest Academic Thinking

The best way to enable your business to develop is to get behind the latest, most innovative academic business thinking. Research in business has grown ten-fold, with international business and academic communities ensuring immediate and free access to extensive expertise and research from exclusive business schools in London.

There is a plethora of featured research content available for businesses, designed to open our eyes to reveal the economic and technological challenges faced by global business following the recent recession. Continue reading Research in Business – Driving the Latest Academic Thinking

Preparing For a PhD in History

For one to have a PhD in History, you will be qualified to teach at university level related to historical and contemporary issues regarding politics and culture. To enjoy this field of work, you will need to be keen on research and have problem-solving skills regarding such issues. Learning from history, doing things last minute is never a wise option. This also applies in your journey to getting such a qualification. Find out how you can make the best out of graduate school before taking that leap into PhD.

The thing you will consistently be doing is research. Continue reading Preparing For a PhD in History

How to Pay For a Radiology Degree

A degree in radiology can be very challenging, but with a bachelor’s degree in this field you can get a great job and have an excellent career outlook in a field that is vital to the health care community. The problem for many people is figuring out how to pay for a radiology degree. There are many options to consider, and many different ways to come up with the money to finish this degree program even if you think you can’t afford it.

One alternative to the four-year degree in radiology is an associate’s degree program, which can be finished in two years and costs much less. Continue reading How to Pay For a Radiology Degree

Happy Thoughts With a PhD in Psychology

If you have a burden and compassion to help those who function perfectly well in the physical realm but are restricted due to psychological constraints in the mental, pursuing a PhD in Psychology may suit you. As in any doctorate program, you need to demonstrate academic prowess in relevant areas such as other sciences as well as math. In addition, you also need to develop interest in the liberal arts to gain better appreciation of the humanities. Since the human psyche reaches out to a higher being, religion often plays a key factor in what makes the human brain tick. Continue reading Happy Thoughts With a PhD in Psychology

Christian Colleges – Things to Consider

When you are getting ready to apply to Christian colleges, it is important to make sure that you are looking at all of your options. This way, you will be sure to find the best place for your education and it will be a place that you will not regret attending. One of the most important things to consider is whether or not you are selecting a top rated school. There are many reasons to make sure that the school of your choice is a top rated one. This will ensure that you are going to receive the best education possible and it will look so much better on your resume than a low rated school would.

Just to name a few of the schools that might interest you, there is Wheaton College, Bethel College, Evangel University, Azusa Pacific University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Biola University and Judson College. Continue reading Christian Colleges – Things to Consider

Best MBA Programs – All You Need to Know

The Master of Business Administration or MBA is now turning out to be a prerequisite for managerial positions in today’s organizations. The 2 year course is a by nature a general management qualification and makes students industry-ready. There has been a sharp rise in the number of students opting for MBA programs and thus, grabbing the best employment opportunities. A number of institutions are also coming up in India, providing best management education and placement opportunities in top quality companies.

Now, when it comes to best MBA programs, one has a plenty of options to choose from. Continue reading Best MBA Programs – All You Need to Know

Distance Learning MBA and MCA Courses of Punjab Technical University

Among many positive career options, Bachelor of Business Administration is a very popular choice for many career conscious people. This is a graduation program that is very much different from other graduation courses. This course is specially designed to enable the student to understand the concept of business administration and to make them capable of managing all the aspects related to it. The course covers comprehensive modules on business administration.

The students learn very important skills in this course to face the challenges that a business organization faces. Continue reading Distance Learning MBA and MCA Courses of Punjab Technical University

Types of Engineering

Engineering is one of the key elements in the education industry today. The demand, the need, and the thirst for the attainment of this degree as well as for the need of engineers are growing exponentially with leaps and bounds. It is one filed of science that caters to various industries and fields like architecture, biotechnology, civil, environmental, industrial, chemical, aerospace, electrical, computer, bioengineering, and many more. All these fields of engineering have their distinctive courses, researches, and outcomes but the key responsibility of an engineer is the same in all cases. Continue reading Types of Engineering