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Economic History As an Academic Discipline

Economics is a compelling force that has helped shaped countries and empires as far back as history records. Economic trends have had diverse effects which include triggering World War Two, the collapse of the Soviet Economy, the democratisation of South Korea and Japan and many others. The story of successful economies cannot be told with a mention of their respective histories.

Economic History studies the evolution of the phenomena from a historical standpoint. The analysis is taken using a combination of statistical and historical methods and applying theories to historical situations.

Economic historians argued that the two are split into distinct parts:

1.Economic History: The study of how economic phenomena evolved in the past
2.Historical Economics: Testing the generality of theory using historical episodes

This explained in lay terms could be an attempt at a distinction between Arts and Science -the former being primarily an economic history and the latter primarily an economic science.

Renowned economic historians have disputed over the separation of economic phenomena and economic theory in the inter-war era. Continue reading Economic History As an Academic Discipline

Computer Information Science Career Training Options

Training to receive a higher education in the field of computer information science can be done through various schools and colleges. Students can gain the accredited education they desire by enrolling in one of the available programs. Career opportunities are available to those who wish to obtain an education in computer information science. Degrees can be earned by completing the required educational training program. Levels of training include an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates degree.

Associate level degree programs allow students to train for their desired career with as little as two years of study. Continue reading Computer Information Science Career Training Options

How to Choose the Right University

If you’re looking to go to university, then you might already know where you’re going to go, and what you’re going to study. Ig you’re not sure, here’s what you need to think about.

1. You’ll want to pick a university that does a course that interests you, so that you can study the subject you really want to. Some universities specialise in particular subjects, or are known as sports or teacher training universities.

2. You’ll want to make sure that the university you’re considering does the course you want to do. Continue reading How to Choose the Right University

How to Develop Your Skills by Creating a Skill Sharing Group

Many developed economies are in the doldrums and with new austerity measures, people may have to look for new ways to help themselves, rather than depend on governmental assistance. However there are ways we can help each other, by simply sharing our skills with others- A Skill Sharing Group.

What is a Skill Sharing Group? A group of people who are willing to share the knowledge and skills they learnt from a job or career with others. It could be a retired Electrician, who passes on his skills to a group of unemployed adults to a housewife who has business experience.Is Skill Sharing New? No, traditionally before the boom years in many Countries, skills were passed onto each new generation by their older relatives. Continue reading How to Develop Your Skills by Creating a Skill Sharing Group

Colleges Integrate New Technology and Social Media to Prepare Students For High-Tech Workplace

The Internet, along with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, are used by most college students for social networking purposes. However, increasingly, colleges are recognizing that for tomorrow’s workforce to flourish in today’s high-tech society, students need to think critically and solve workplace problems using a host of new communication and digital technologies.

In an effort to integrate new technology and social media in developing the future workforce, many tech-oriented colleges are handing out brand new iPhones and iPads to the incoming first-year students. Continue reading Colleges Integrate New Technology and Social Media to Prepare Students For High-Tech Workplace

Education and Career in India

India is a developing country but with a lot of education and career opportunities. The education system in India today has changed a lot from what it was in ancient India. There are so many schools and colleges spread all over the country providing quality education to Indians and to students from outside India. The entire face of the Indian education has changed a lot due to globalization. Private schools are the most sort after schools by the parents. The Indian Government is increasing the process of education system in India. Continue reading Education and Career in India

Why Choosing the Right Nursing College is So Important

If you are interested in getting into the nursing profession, it goes without saying that you are about to embark on a profession that is quite noble as well as inimitable. We live in a world where ailments and diseases have not been banished by a long shot, which means that there is an acute need for nursing professionals who are dedicated and committed to their work totally.

Need for nursing colleges

Getting into a good nursing-college is what most nursing students aspire for, and with adequate reason. Continue reading Why Choosing the Right Nursing College is So Important

PhD in Quantitative Finance to Manage Financial Risk

Are you getting what you are about to pay for? A PhD in Quantitative Finance equips the student to relate the world of finance with remuneration and risk. In order to participate in this program, students are required to have prior background and knowledge in math and statistics. As most of the research work delves into designing and creating models to test various approaches to finance and risk, knowledge in software development is essential. Understanding economics of the region is also a handy tool to have as the financial world is closely related to ever changing economics.

An asset to one may not draw the same conclusion to another. Continue reading PhD in Quantitative Finance to Manage Financial Risk

Are Online College Classes Difficult?

There are many people who wonder if online college classes are hard. It all depends on the classes and the student. It depends on how focused, motivated and determined the student is to learn or to slack off. There are a few factors that can help you determine the difficulty of these classes.

You should first start out by considering the type of subject or major you want to take. For example, a degree in either medical or law may be a bit more difficult than say something in marketing or business. Continue reading Are Online College Classes Difficult?