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Benefits of Going to College

Most high school graduates go to college today, whereas years back it wasn’t the common thing to do. Going to college seems like it’s just the common thing to do these days. There are still people who don’t go to college after they graduate from high school, but a majority of students do go to college for many different reasons. To get a better education so they can get a better job, to get a job they can truly enjoy, to make more money than others who just get a job after high school, or even to get the whole college experience. Continue reading Benefits of Going to College

Moving on to Campus – What You Need to Bring to College

One of the most overlooked aspects of getting students ready to move on campus is ignoring the college mailings that will be arriving all summer. You get so many that it is easy to put them in a pile and not read them. Make a point to read through the information packets as they arrive and your move to the campus dorm will be easy and stress free. Your college or university will send out a mailing about housing, computer information, and other pertinent information. It may come to the student, who opens it and puts it aside without ever reading it. Continue reading Moving on to Campus – What You Need to Bring to College

PhD in Instructional Design is Proven Worthy in Every Field

Gaming is an online addiction and many of the current gamers are unaware of the recreation of the mental simulation which is often found in the maze. If games and mazes are your cup of tea, then architectural genius of the mind is what you should be focusing on. Apart from that human performance technology is another area which may be similar to your current field of interest.

If you have successfully completed the Masters in Science in a related field to Information Technology, then you should opt for a PhD in Instructional Design. Continue reading PhD in Instructional Design is Proven Worthy in Every Field

Five Hot Tips For Succeeding in College

High school graduation is behind you. You may not be twenty one years old but you’re not a baby either. Hopefully you’re doing your own laundry and paying for your own gas. but maybe not… At any rate, adulthood is staring you in the face and you can either break and run or buck up, step up to the plate, and assume a somewhat adult role. No one is asking you to become your parents. It won’t be so bad. There’s really a lot to look forward to….really!

Whether you’re planning to attend a college, major university, community college, technical school or a business school, you will have some decisions to make. Continue reading Five Hot Tips For Succeeding in College

Online PhD in Mathematical Finance

A conventional Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance takes many years of study to achieve. An online option eliminates the traditional semesters so that one can move unto the next level immediately after completion. This does not only fast track the process; it also makes for studying at a convenient pace.

The benefits of holding a Ph.D. degree cannot be over-emphasized. The attractive salaries -comparable to the corporate world, the unlimited time to explore other interests, undertake researches, the consulting opportunities, speaking engagements, book publishing, etc, adds immensely to the overall compensation of holding a doctorate degree. Continue reading Online PhD in Mathematical Finance

The Best Things Every College Student Must Take to College

If you are heading off to college, you’ll find that life is going to be a bit different than high school. Of course, you have a lot to pack and you may be wondering what you should take to college with you. Well, there are many important things to have along. To make college life a bit smoother and easier for you, here are some of the best things that every college student must take to college.

Computer with Printer

First of all, even if someone is saying they are going to share, you should take along your own computer and a printer too. Continue reading The Best Things Every College Student Must Take to College

How Students Can Have a Better Social Life

Student Success Tip Students, You Must Change the Way You See Yourself

You have just received advice at a relatively young age that it took me years, and I do mean years to figure out.

You can never rise any higher than your own image of yourself.

Have you ever known a student in school who had a real low opinion of herself or himself? No matter what evidence they had to the contrary, they were always saying they couldn’t do math or oral reports, or sports, or whatever.

And they never did do very well, did they?

Before you can ever hope for something better and expect it will happen for you, whether it’s better grades, or a better social life at school, as a student you must first change the way you see yourself.

So, if you want better grades, immediately start seeing yourself coming to class well-prepared, feeling confident as you answer the teacher’s questions, and enjoying the great sense of accomplishment that comes from getting a good grade on your project or test.

Want a better social life? More friends? More dates? More study buddies?

Well, see yourself as a student who is comfortable and confident as you interact with others.

Notice how good those people feel being around you because you are genuinely open and friendly.

It all starts in your mind. Continue reading How Students Can Have a Better Social Life

Become Any Kind of Nurse and Have a High Demand Job With a Great Paycheck, Finish School Today

If you can even imagine in today’s economy, combined with having nearly three million working nurses in the united states alone, it is OK (and just) to assume that the health industry is booming! There is no doubt about this. What makes this even a more crazy scenario is that even with two some million working nurses out there, there is still an extreme shortage. There is a real need for more.

Because of the continued growth of the industry, and the need to fill spots. You can imagine that they may glorify some areas if you are skilled in them. Continue reading Become Any Kind of Nurse and Have a High Demand Job With a Great Paycheck, Finish School Today

Should I Appply to Ivy League and Other Top Schools? Is it Worth the Stress and Competition?

It’s undeniable that a degree from an Ivy League college holds a lot of prestige. In fact, I have personally experienced the benefit of an Ivy League degree in my career, as I’ve set out first as a lawyer and then as a resume writer and college essay advisor. “B.A. Yale ’91″ is enough to convince some people to hire me. Many employers prefer to hire people with one of those “magic” schools on their resumes.

I have a secret to share: I sometimes wish I had gone to Oberlin where the students might be a bit more hippie and down to earth, i.e., more like me. Continue reading Should I Appply to Ivy League and Other Top Schools? Is it Worth the Stress and Competition?

10 Reasons to Get Another Qualification

If you think that you might benefit from having another qualification, then you might already have looked into finding the right course. If you’re not convinced, then here’s what you need to know.

1. A postgraduate course, or a Masters, will be extremely beneficial to you, and help you to stand out from your peers. You might have wanted to something that’s not related to your current role, but that might be useful in the future. Why not see what sort of courses you could study?

2. You might want to study more about an area that you studied as part of your degree. Continue reading 10 Reasons to Get Another Qualification