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A Healthy Step Forward With a PhD in Medicine

Since most practicing doctors do not have much time to juggle between the call of work and family, it is more likely for them to pursue further specialties within their area of medicine. However an option lies with the PhD in Medicine whereby some institutions offer this program via online learning. As such, these medical professionals can now embark on the journey of obtaining this additional degree without having to forfeit their current job, time permitting.

This postgraduate program requires potential candidates to be present degree holders of medicine at bachelor or master levels. Continue reading A Healthy Step Forward With a PhD in Medicine

Start Applying to Graduate School Now

The number of applications to graduate programs has been increasing for the past few years; there were 1.53 million applications for the class entering in fall, 2008. Overall approximately 45% were accepted, though for doctoral programs the acceptance rate drops to 25%. There are significant differences in acceptance rates among different schools and among different programs, so while generalizations like these are useful, they do not help to target the discipline or school that you might interest you. Continue reading Start Applying to Graduate School Now

Have a High Demand High Pay Job in Nursing, You Can Start School Today

Now, nursing is the largest health care profession in the United States. There are nearly 3 million registered nurses. There are nurses in many places that you probably did not even consider. Not only do they work in hospitals, but they also work in nursing homes, in forensics, family practice offices, schools, on an ambulance. There are too many degrees of nurses to list them all right here. To start you simply have to pick an area of interest, do the schooling, and then take your license exam. Continue reading Have a High Demand High Pay Job in Nursing, You Can Start School Today

Why Should You Study in London?

If you’re thinking about where to study, then you might have already decided where you want to be. Alternatively you might still be looking at different places. Here’s why you should study in London.

1. London is the capital city of England, and has lots of things to see and do, ranging from the Royal Family, to Premier League football. If you love exploring this fantastic city, then why not study here too?

2. London offers many industries and sectors, from financial and retail to IT, culture, hospitality, and sports. Continue reading Why Should You Study in London?

Pre and Post Conference During Clinical Rotations

Before and after your clinical rotation, you will meet with your clinical instructor. There are usually about 8-12 other nursing students in a clinical group at one time. Which is another reason why there is a nursing shortage. There are not enough instructors to take more students, but that’s another story.

Pre conference starts about 15-30 minutes before you are to meet your patient. The clinical instructor and your other cohorts will meet in a room to discuss some last minute questions, briefly something about your patient, what time lunch will be taken, last minute jitters you may have and any other changes.

During this time, your instructor will look to you for answers about your patient’s status. Continue reading Pre and Post Conference During Clinical Rotations

Take Advantage of College (Not For the Weak)

I glance quickly at the bottom right hand corner of my laptop screen, 4:30AM. It has been another long night of studying. Should I pull an all nighter or wake up early tomorrow to continue this hellish schedule of studying to combat the formidable beast called finals week. In attempts to conquer it, I have to my left side a venti green tea cappuccino and to my right side 4 cans of Red Bull. The clock hits 6am, my eyes lids slowly drop and I end up in oblivion. Worst fail of the week, I wake up looking at the time 7. Continue reading Take Advantage of College (Not For the Weak)

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

The recent economic recession has resulted in many people being forced to leave jobs that they were well trained for. Some individuals left jobs with a realization that they were unable to cope with the demands that were being made on them due to the downsizing that the workforce in most organizations had been subjected to. Some others felt that they did not have adequate training to continue in jobs that constantly required sharp skills. Nevertheless, for those individuals who are looking to set out and launch a new career in the nursing field could look to become a certified nursing assistant or CNA.

Basic patient care is one of the predominant areas that a nursing assistant is qualified to function in. Continue reading Certified Nursing Assistant Training

How to Choose a UK University – Understanding League Tables

The most important thing to remember when choosing a university in the UK is that “league tables” such as the Guardian University Guide or The Times Online University Guide are just that – a guide only. There are no official government lists of universities in terms of quality in the UK. Why? Well, mainly because different universities specialise in different subjects. So, if you look at the league tables for different subjects you will find the list of universities in a different order. For example;

Business and management studies
4.St Andrews
Notice here that Cambridge, one of the UK’s top universities, is not in the top 5 for business.

Sports Science

Source: The above information was taken from The Guardian University Guide 2010.

So in general, in the UK, students look for universities which are good at the subject they want to study rather than the overall league table position. Continue reading How to Choose a UK University – Understanding League Tables

College Tuition – How to Save 40% at a Big University

All college graduates have three things in common. They have a degree, are looking for a job and have just spent a LOT of money on their education, even if they had scholarships or financial aid. For the overwhelming majority of them, it means that they need to get a job to start paying off student loans. But there is a way to enter the work world without as much financial pressure: like 40% less debt because you spent 40% less paying for college.

A Degree From Absolutely Any University at 40% Discount

Think about a big name school, such as Northwestern University or the University of Michigan, which charge around $40,000 per year in tuition. Continue reading College Tuition – How to Save 40% at a Big University

Advancement of Science With a PhD in Physics

Getting a PhD in Physics is no easy matter. If someone were to say you have to be a rocket scientist to do so, it is most likely they are not far from the truth. There are numerous fields of interest in which to select for a potential PhD candidate. Although many academic institutions offer this doctorate program, their field of specialization in Physics may just be the run of the mill. If you have an inclination for a particular field, do careful research to find one which best fits your interest.

As mentioned earlier, you need to have the brains to get into such a course. Continue reading Advancement of Science With a PhD in Physics