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3 Ways to Qualify As a Medical Assistant

Medical assistant careers is one of the fastest growing careers for women and with a great demand that is set to keep growing over the next 10 years, this can be a great career opportunity for you. The ability that women have to multi-task, to organize and to work with people makes it the ideal career for females looking for a real challenge without having the stress of a corporate job. It also affords you the opportunity to work in health care without having to qualify as a doctor or dealing with a lot of the “dirty work” that nurses has to deal with.

There are basically 3 ways to qualify as a medical assistant and depending on your end goal, you might want to explore all 3 these opportunities.

1. Practical Training
Although this used to be the norm, its not really that common any more but many doctors still take on completely inexperienced staff and train them from the ground up in their practices. The main advantage is that you can start work with no qualification and no experience and the hands on training is often much better than spending months studying theory.

2. Online Courses
Getting an formal qualification can go a long way towards landing you a good job. Many doctors now prefer to employ qualified staff as it shortens the learning curve and makes for a much more efficient work environment. With so many systems now standard across all medical practices it really makes good sense from the practice manager’s point of view. Most online universities like Kaplan offer courses for medical assistants and the main benefit is that you can qualify part time and study at your own convenience.

3. College Courses
Attending a college or occupational school can go a long way towards giving you the edge in the workplace. Most medical schools offer programs for medical assistants and if you are serious about following a specific career as a medical assistant then its vital that you look into attending a school where you can get practical training.