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5 Tips For a Better Study Session

A better grade is possible if you improve your studying methods. Being so important, to all students, studying the best way for you as an individual is worth spending a little time on to get it just right. To help you here are 7 very important and effective strategies you should use to improve you studying.

(1) Be organized

Do not be surrounded by clutter and mess. Set aside a specific time each day you will be studying and do it! Have a space where you are going to study – it should be comfortable and well lit, you will be spending quite some time there. Get your notes in a sensible order and not have them scattered around you room.

(2) Plan

You need to have a strategy for all you study time and writing down all the areas of work you need to cover will help you get started. Each day you will need to have a plan of action. What areas of your work will you cover today, include times when you can have a break as well.

(3) Memorising information

Do you have lots of terms, names or simply list of words that you need to remember? Try some of these simple ideas to help. Make a simple rhyme, possibly one that sounds really stupid – this will make it easier to remember. Use the initial letters of phrases you need to recall – these are called acronyms. Example could be am and pm. Make up sentences that help -“Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain” – where the initial letters stand for the colours of the rainbow. These are called acrostics. Repeating thing, out loud preferably, can help key ideas settle in your mind. Some people believe if you repeat thing about 30 times you are more likely to keep the ideas in your memory.

(4) Write notes down as you go.

Use a mind mapping program which can let you show links between various ideas. There are many free such programs you can find on the internet such as FreeMind an open source example. Do not spend too much time fiddling with the program at the expense of time you should be studying.

(5) Focus

Focus on study do not let any distractions get in the way. Television can be too distracting for most people, whereas some find quiet music help with their study. Last but no least, you must try to get a good night sleep. Many people study into the early hours of the morning but this will leave them drained and not ready of the important days ahead.