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Added Culture With a PhD in Fine Arts

The world of Fine Arts stretches far and wide, encompassing studio art as well as art history. By obtaining a PhD in Fine Arts, the successful postgraduate furthers his interest and career as a professional artist. Alternatively, the study of art history equips the student with the knowledge of becoming an art historian. This opens up career opportunities, with attachments to museums, galleries and art establishments.

Suitable candidates for this postgraduate degree include novices who already have some passion in the fine arts and want to deepen their knowledge. Others may choose to obtain this qualification for the sake of career advancement in their current fields. To enable students to maintain their day jobs, most institutions offer online courses as a flexible means of juggling work and study. This is not to assume that taking an online course is easier than one on campus. Courses can also be done on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the amount of time a student can dedicate to his studies. Depending on the area of focus for the PhD in Fine Arts, a student pursuing an area in studio art must obviously have access to a studio of relevance. Other resources essential in the course of the program is access to extensive resources and materials related to the area of art. University libraries, whether physical or online, are readily available to PhD students enrolled in their programs. Alternative, have a go at the local and national libraries as some may keep well-stocked resources.

No different from most PhD programs, a PhD student is required to attend courses, workshops as well as related events such as conferences, seminars and forums related to his thesis. In acquiring information and experiences via these channels, he also gets opportunities to get his first taste of rubbing shoulders with the art society thus getting a head start on career opportunities. This then help to mold his future in the arts, career and otherwise. Interesting enough, some academic institutions incorporate Fine Arts with other disciplines. This is to expose PhD students of various faculties to the presence of art in all aspects. Art in anthropology, technology and engineering expands one’s mind to exhibit art in science.