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Applied Management Career Options

The competition to move into managerial positions within a corporation or business is high. Without some knowledge of management procedure employees may loose their chance to successfully compete for a promotion that will advance their career. Colleges offer programs in applied management to teach students how to incorporate gained skills into their field.

Applied management degrees are designed for students that have experience in their chosen field. Continuing education allows students to learn all the areas required to fulfill a supervisory role in the business they work for. The knowledge needed to completely integrate management into a job can be learned through all degree levels. Each degree from an associate’s to a PhD has students developing managerial skills through coursework specifically focused on different aspects of leadership. Skills obtained through a degree program include:

    Developing proper management techniques that can be applied to a career in the field. How to compete in the business world by learning about office management, employee training, quality assurance, research methodology, virtual communication, and working with a global environment.Decision-making and problem solving techniques.Understanding project management procedures, business systems, and leadership theories.Working with employees on policy and ethical issues.

These different skills can be learned primarily at the undergraduate level of education. Graduate level education takes these fundamental skills and builds a more in depth understanding. Students inside an undergraduate degree should expect to dedicate two years to an associate’s degree and four years of education to a bachelor’s degree. Within an associate’s degree, courses focus heavily on managing and solving business problems. Other areas emphasized include communication, teamwork and workforce diversity. After graduation students will find careers where they assist businesses with their management issues. Bachelor’s degree programs utilize student’s knowledge of their job and help them turn it into a management position. Financial accounting, business law, speech, management theory, and communication are subjects that help students take their work experience and apply it to management.

Many students continue education into graduate school because of the high competition employee’s face when trying to gain a managerial position. Earning a master’s or PhD degree can help students increase their likelihood of advancing in their career. The work completed in a master’s degree provides students with in depth knowledge in making decisions, ethics, business technologies, and strategic plans. A PhD degree takes the managerial position and transitions students into being able to oversee and manage a team. Common areas that degrees at this level focus on include finance, knowledge management, and engineering management. Curriculum goes into experimental design, inventory management, organizational behavior, and quality control. This level allows for the most flexibility in the job market.

Learning how to be a successful manager can provide many opportunities for career advancement. Students can begin education by finding a college that offers an applied management degree program. Students should enter an accredited program and become a manager in their field if working in a leadership position is a career goal. Accreditation is provided to schools and colleges that offer a quality education. Full accreditation may be provided by agencies like the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs ( ).

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