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Can a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering Save Our Planet?

Although a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering is quite a mouthful, it is a worthy qualification to obtain. As Mother Nature is constantly embattled by pollution and erosion, it is the duty of every resident on this planet to do his or her part to stem its flow. This doctorate program is a combination of science and engineering in dealing with the environment. Ultimately, the humane side of it is in the preservation of life and property. To put out the fire, you need to understand its nature. Hence, these PhD students are taught on the impact to the environment with the courtesy of modernization, technology and other factors. Upon understanding the various cause and effect of these factors, students then delve deeper into areas of interest for the preparation of their dissertation.

As the environment is mainly about natural resources, areas of focus are normally the air, water and land. In focusing a thesis on water conservation and better irrigation, its aim may be to promote quality control especially availability to those who suffer from water shortage as well as for human consumption. Processes involved in producing clean water may inadvertently contribute to pollution if not properly administered. As there is input, so shall there be output. Waste disposal and management are essential areas to be constantly monitored and improved as irresponsible dumping and landfill creations are not solutions but rather problems in the making. Once damage is done, rectification and restoration methods need to be studied and researched for proper implementation. By treating nature right, disasters due to natural elements or with a helping hand from man are hopefully to be reduced or eliminated for the preservation of life and property.

Whilst the sciences and engineering of a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering deals with the above amongst many others to preserve nature for future generations, these students also need to grasp the legal aspects, policies and ethical principles. As such, the inter-disciplinary approach of this doctorate program exposes its participants to various factors as each plays its role in the big picture.