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College Recruiting, The Most Common Mistakes Made

I have been doing a lot of reading here lately trying to see what people are saying about getting their kid recruited and why it isn’t working. This is what I am getting out of this. I am finding that way to many people are waiting to late OR they are relying on someone else to do it for them. First things first, who has your kids best interest in mind, you or someone else? You do of course, so take action and don’t get left out!

One of the main problems that I am seeing is that parents are waiting to long to start the process of getting your child exposed. You must keep this in mind, you are on a short time line. This process is most defiantly a time sensitive situation. You wait too long your chances go down quickly, you go to early you don’t give your child a fair shake of their true abilities. I will give you one example of waiting too late to start. I see this conversation online and here is how it went. They were using an outside source to help them in the recruiting process. The conversation went like this, I use this source and my boy hasn’t gotten any scholarship offers and he is a senior in high school now. They went on to say that they never even signed their boy up for help until after his Junior year. This is the part that parents have to understand, you must take charge of your child’s future. You can’t wait until the last minute and expect everything to just fall in place like you want it to. This is a process that has to be done over some time. It is like anything else you try to teach your kids. Work hard and be consistent in this process and the end result will be success. This is not done overnight, make sure you understand that!!! Look at it this way, what are you willing to do and how much effort are you willing to put into your child’s FUTURE!!!

The next problem I am seeing is that we as parents are trying to rely on someone else to dictate our kids future. Again, I can’t say this enough, YOU HAVE YOUR CHILD’S BEST INTEREST IN HAND. I am not saying that outside help isn’t worth it, but you just need to be aware of what they do and can do. Just because you have outside help doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. You will still have to work very hard to keep everything updated and current. You will be the most important factor in your child’s college recruiting, bar none. Start the recruiting process early and follow the steps to gaining the most for the time and effort you will spend. Remember, there are over 2 million student athletes out there competing for Athletic Scholarships. Make the most of your efforts.

These are only 2 of the problem that parents are surrounded with today. Our “Guide to Athletic Scholarships” will be able to help answer all these questions and more. Parents play more of a role in kids futures that you know. Take this very serious and stay consistent on what and how you are doing things. You have to keep in mind the end result you are looking for. This process can do 2 things for you. One, it can put your child playing sports at the next level, which only a small percentage get the opportunity to do. Two, an Athletic Scholarship can relieve you of 1000’s of dollars of cost. They can literally SAVE PARENTS 10’s of Thousands of dollars over a child’s college career. Good luck and we’ll see you at the next level.