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College Room Air Purifier – 5 Essential Features in an Air Purifier For a College Room

College brings wonderful opportunities for exposure to a variety of people, life experiences and philosophies. Unfortunately, it also brings exposure to an incredible number of airborne pollutants that can adversely affect your student’s health, and their ability to have a productive college experience.

Living in a dorm situation or sharing an apartment with other coeds can potentially expose your student to many more unknowns. Using an air purifier to remove harmful particulates, odors, and gases is a proactive way to maintain good health. Here are 5 important features that a college room air purifier should have if it is to be effective.

1. Portability-The purifier needs to be light weight and easy to move. It should also be able to function up high as well as on the floor. This will allow for flexible placement of furniture in the room.

2. 24 Hour Coverage-The cleaner should have a split capacitor motor that will allow it to run safely and continuously. Constant filtration means that airborne pollutants are never allowed to build up to an unhealthy level. This means your student will always walk into a room that is fresh and healthy.

3. Medical Grade HEPA Filter-By definition this technology removes 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particulates that are greater than.3 microns in size. This includes things like dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pollen, as well as airborne bacteria and viruses. This type of filtration is the same type that hospitals use to insure clean air.

4. Filter for Odor and Gases-Removing particulates is great, but they are not always the only pollutants found in indoor air. Chemical off gassing from paint, adhesives and other material used in remodels, and even some pressed wood furniture can all send unhealthy fumes into the air. An air cleaner with a carbon based filter has been proven to be the best kind of filter to effectively eliminate pollutants that are gaseous.

5. Low Maintenance-The last thing you want your student to have to do is take time away from their schedule to perform time consuming and sometimes costly maintenance on a purifier. The best purifier for a college student is one that can take care of itself because it needs no maintenance.

Look for a cleaner with a filter that lasts a long time-years instead of months. Reading the technical specification closely will let you know whether there is a filter warranty, and the expected life of the filter. Knowing this information before you make a decision will mean your student will enjoy the healthiest air possible without sacrificing valuable time.