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Division III Schools – Top 3 Reasons They May Be the Right Fit For You

Most kids don’t know the difference between DI, DII and DIII and that is O.K. In this article I will shed some light on the DIII colleges and why it could be what you are looking for. Also, a lot o students and parents don’t realize you can get scholarships to DIII Schools. When I say scholarships I know most are thinking that DIII don’t give Athletic Scholarships and you would be right. However, they do give Academic scholarships.

O.K. let’s get into the thing major reasons that a DIII school may be the RIGHT fit for you.

1 – Size of college and classes

When student athletes come out of high school, most have come from smaller schools with smaller class sizes. If you are accustom to this and seem to do better in this type of environment you may want to stay in that type of environment. Some make to choice to go big and the major Universities can have classes from 100 to 500 students PER class. This is a major difference. Be sure you know what type of setting and class size you will be most comfortable in.

2 – Education

Your education is the reason that most go to DIII schools. These schools are very well known for their Academics. Most DIII schools do have athletics as well and as I mentioned earlier they do not award athletic scholarships just academic scholarships. This is your perfect opportunity to play college sports for those of you with exceptional grades. If you have what they are looking for athletically and academically they can and will give you an academic scholarship. Which in any case, is paying for your education and isn’t that the most important thing.

3 – Athletic Ability

This is where the student athletes need to evaluate their athletic ability and be honest with themselves. If you are determined to play college sports and have also determined your true ability, then this could be the place for you. DIII schools are very competitive and in some cases, better than some DII and DI schools. Don’t leave these colleges out; it can be very beneficial for you.


If you are determined to play sports at the next level, make sure you know all of your options available and take advantage of each and every one of them. The whole point of you going to college is to get an education and study what is most important to you. View DIII schools as another stepping stone to your success as an adult.