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Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science

The PhD in nursing science program is specifically invented to train nurses with a master’s degree to a more advanced level of doctorate research. The doctorate program offers the platform for nurses, particularly women to do comprehensive clinical research as well as acquiring the skills to decipher conceptual health care theories. This program would comprise of diverse areas such as sophisticated theories and concept that enveloping quality assessment, unique practice strategies and evaluation.

When you are pursuing under the doctorate nursing science program, you will have close cooperation with your faculty to conduct your own research study. These research-based lessons will be done with accordance to your interests as well as intersecting the current research fields in the faculty of Nursing School. If you intend to broaden the area of your program, there is an optional course called Concentration in Statistics, offered in collaboration with the Social Sciences and Statistics Schools.

Basically the PhD in nursing science program is especially designed for students who ought to advance their academic career or develop a research in the field of this science. There are certain minimum credits to be completed, depending on the university or institutional boards offering the course. Besides, students are required to meet five Student Outcomes before graduation. Most educational bodies would expect graduates to be able to take additional credits that offer wider knowledge which may, anyhow, aid in their research study. It is already known as every postgraduate student would be assigned to a supervisory committee who will be responsible for the student’s study approval.

All in all, acquiring the acceptance to pursue a doctorate nursing science program is certainly a blessing in disguise, especially for those with average academic results. The PhD program is the best possible platform towards infinite career opportunities as well as other financial prospects. In times when education has become exceedingly competitive, the PhD education level is the ideal track for nurses to elevate their education to a more supreme state to tackle realistic competition.