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Gifts For Friends Leaving For College

As precious as our friends are, drifting apart is unavoidable when we spend almost one hundred per cent of the year away, at college and perhaps working a job near college to help with fees. Coming home is a bitter sweet experience for most of us and one that we want to mark with a special gift.

Friends and family miss us when we are away and sometimes a special gift can help us to remember each other. A natural stone Tiger’s Eye friendship gift is easy to carry around, is unique and ever changing in the light as we are ourselves and does not cost too much of our hard earned cash.

Gifts for friends who are leaving for college are a thoughtful and wonderful gesture. Being away for most of the year is a raw experience for school leavers and although leaving family at home gets easier as the years go by they are no less loved and certainly no less valued.

College is a fascinating melting pot of friends from all over the country and in our college years we meet new friends every day. However, friends at home – the friends we met at Junior High and High School, mean everything. To stay close and connected we need a gift that may be held in the hand and admired in the changing light.

Natural stones and natural stone jewelry warm to the skin and each stone is completely unique. They are small enough to be carried around and even two or three may be transferred from one purse to another or from pocket to pocket without difficulty. Each stone has its own special character and no two are alike – just as no two friends have the same things in common. Gifts for friends that are staying home or gifts for friends that are leaving for college may be a shared gift that says: ‘Wherever you go and whatever you do, all my thoughts are with you and I am waiting for you to come home again.’

That High School romance that seemed such a great idea at the time seems foolish when one has to leave for college and the other stay home… Gifts for friends that must be parted take the sting out of going away to college. Natural stone gifts may be touched and held and looked at during those endless night time study hours. They are the connection with a sweetheart back home and they mean a great deal to someone who misses that special touch from that special someone.

This time, get someone a special gift to take back to college . All those lonely hours of homesickness can be easier to put up with if you have a special connection with home and with the people you love.