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Holistically Speaking Via a PhD in Naturopathic Medicine

Since more people are aware of the implications of invasive techniques as well as extended consumption of medications, many have turned to alternative medicines as a hope to absolve them of their ailments. As the demand for alternative medicine grows, perhaps getting a PhD in naturopathic medicine is a worthy option to serve society in general.

Being exposed to the world of natural medicines, a student should firstly have comprehension of the human body and its anatomy. Going a step further than natural medicine, the psyche and spirit of a human being are also factors to be taken into consideration as they contribute to the healing process. Although this may sound a little over the top, it should not be treated lightly as man does not just comprise a physical body. We are living beings who think and behave depending on situations and conditions. We are also the only beings who have the ability to reason, thus setting us apart from animals. However, this may not seem evident at all times as some people give the impression of somewhat lacking in the mental and reasoning faculties. Participating in a PhD in naturopathic medicine program engages the student to utilize other techniques to treat symptoms. As in homeopathic medicine, the patient’s physical and mental states are taken into consideration alongside his symptoms when prescribing a treatment. This is where things may differ from natural medicine.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on the senses in a human body. Since the skin is the largest organ in a human body, massage therapy is also an area of specialization in this program. Massage stimulates certain parts of the body to release its own chemical compositions to address other areas. It also helps one release stress and tension as technology has reduced many to hunching for hours over computers. Aromatherapy is a likely area to influence the sense of smell as certain odors evoke relaxation and comfort. Although these alternative medicines are non invasive in nature, acupuncture perhaps injects an air of paradox, pun intended.

As part of this doctorate program, students are instructed on how to utilize diets, exercise and natural remedies as better lifestyle choices. Hence the practice of naturopathic medicine does branch into some form of counseling as most problems are sometimes easily resolved with sound advice.