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How Students Can Have a Better Social Life

Student Success Tip Students, You Must Change the Way You See Yourself

You have just received advice at a relatively young age that it took me years, and I do mean years to figure out.

You can never rise any higher than your own image of yourself.

Have you ever known a student in school who had a real low opinion of herself or himself? No matter what evidence they had to the contrary, they were always saying they couldn’t do math or oral reports, or sports, or whatever.

And they never did do very well, did they?

Before you can ever hope for something better and expect it will happen for you, whether it’s better grades, or a better social life at school, as a student you must first change the way you see yourself.

So, if you want better grades, immediately start seeing yourself coming to class well-prepared, feeling confident as you answer the teacher’s questions, and enjoying the great sense of accomplishment that comes from getting a good grade on your project or test.

Want a better social life? More friends? More dates? More study buddies?

Well, see yourself as a student who is comfortable and confident as you interact with others.

Notice how good those people feel being around you because you are genuinely open and friendly.

It all starts in your mind. See yourself as the student you’d like to be and then move into that image. How you see yourself can send messages to other students consciously and subconsciously so that you are better received by them and, more importantly, by yourself.