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How to Get Into a Sonography School

If you want to learn how to get into a sonography school, first you must decide what kind of sonography career you want to have. Diagnostic medical sonographers are in charge of specialized equipment that directs high frequency sound waves into parts of the body to collect reflected echoes that form an image that doctors may use for diagnoses. There are several gateways for entry into this career and several types of schooling programs to choose from, so first you must decide what path you’re taking before you can learn how to get into a good school.

You may train to become a sonographer in the Armed Forces or at hospitals, colleges and vocational schools. If you choose to train at a college or university, you may have better and higher paid career opportunities. There are two-year and four-year sonography programs at colleges and universities, with the two-year programs being the most prevalent and available at most community colleges. There are also one-year certificate programs at vocational schools, although this option is more common for current healthcare workers seeking to increase their current skills and training.

If you really want to know how to get into a sonography school, you will need to consult the school of your choice, as there are different standards for each school’s program. Applicants who have some healthcare experience or who have taken courses in health, math and science may have better chances of getting into the program of their choice. The coursework will include subjects such as anatomy, basic physics, instrumentation, medical ethics, patient care and physiology, so whatever you can do to prepare for these types of classes should help. Also make sure that you only apply to schools or training programs that are accredited. There are many to choose from.

Although it is not required, you may also become credentialed by one of the professional certifying organizations to increase your chances of getting a good job after your education is complete. Contact the certifying organization in your area for specific details on credentialing, and contact your school(s) of choice to learn more about how to get into a sonography school.