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How to Mash Your Dorm Room Styles

Leaving for college and rooming with one or two roommates can be difficult for most new college students. If you’re lucky enough to be able to live in the dorms for the first year you will be faced with many decisions to make aside from the important stuff like what classes to take. You will be thinking about your future dorm mates this summer and how to blend your room styles.

A dorm room is a pretty tight space and while you only have to worry about your half or you’re third – you still would like the room to look good as a whole. After all you will be spending a lot of time in that space – in fact 1/3 of every day and then some. If you’re a guy then planning how your roommates will decorate and how you will likely won’t even cross your mind. Girls however will tend to spend much more time coordinating their living spaces where possible to ensure nothing clashes and the room has a nice tied together feel. Most schools will inform the students of whom their future dorm mates will be and allow them to talk before school starts so that they have a good comfort level with them before they even arrive.

Of course by nature everyone regardless of gender has their own personal design tastes which will not always match 100%. When it comes to planning the look and feel of a dorm room there are actually not too many design decisions needed. After all the bed, the furniture, the walls are all constant. What can change is the bedding, the posters and the decor. Candidly most department stores and big box stores showcase and sell items which tend to mix together pretty well. You have the jewel tone looks, the favorite color combos’ pink/chocolate, pastels, Easter egg blue/chocolate, grey/black/whites and so on.

One way you can simplify the matching of dorm room decor by opting for solid color comforters which can help alleviate the potential for any printed pattern clashing. Even further you can use white twin XL comforters which will both match and white goes with anything so it makes it easy.

Some dorm rooms use closets that close others do not. If the dorm room you will be living in has open closets you can use matching closet blinds to cover both closets and give a fresh consistent look. Another dorm decorating trick is to use the same trick to cover the blinds which will visually give the room a consistent optical look.

As a rule of thumb when designing a living space whether it’s a dorm room living room or a bedroom you will always want to have a base of color to tie a room together. Since dorm rooms are so small and the beds take up such a large space using s solid or white color set of comforters that match can give the visual appearance of a completely matching room.