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If You Study Licensed Practical Nursing, You Can Be Working in 1 Year

If you want to have a career in a high paying, understaffed, secure job market, then you should consider studying Licensed Practical Nursing. The way technology is advancing, hospitals need more and more of these qualified people, it is creating a very high demand! If you started school for this field you can be done is a little as twelve months. There are more jobs and opportunities that exist with this profession, and it is only growing every day! You will definitely be able to find work in this field.

Basically what a LPN does is take vital signs, collect health information, prepare patients for procedures such as injections. They teach and assist with personal hygiene, take and run lab samples. You can also educate people on good health habits. After a while you may even be able to supervise a team of nursing assistants. As you can see there are quite a few possibilities!

Right out of school you could be making an average salary of $32,000 a year, with room to grow. With the baby boomers growing older and just the general increase in need for jobs in the health industry, now is by far the best time to start making it happen. With our society and how it depends on technology, we need LPNs because they are the ones that know how to help run and use all these new things. The doctors will need to do what they always do, and you can help make the process better.

When you start you will work under the supervision of a registered nurse. You can decide what field interest you the most, like if you want to work in a dentist office, mental health, private home, health department, even a jail. You can pick what interest you and pretty much have a job anywhere you want. Just think about that for a minute. So many people are struggling not knowing if they have job security or even if they will have a job the next day. Thisi s a terrible kind of stress to have to live with every day. If you have the skills you need to be in demand you would not have to worry about this.

All you need to start is have your high school diploma. There is an expected growth in the need for you of 10-20 percent through 2010, there will constantly be a need, so you should start now! Take the steps to get your degree in licensed practical nursing .