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Importance of Sat Scores – Why It’s Important to Try Your Best!

Many students each year prepare to take the SAT test also known as the Scholastic Aptitude test. Trying to take this test takes a lot of practice and can be overwhelming. But I cannot stress enough the importance of this test.

This test takes 4 hours to complete and is required in college. Another test called the ACT or American College Test is also accepted in college but the SAT is more widely accepted. The SAT test is designed to score students who take it in math, reading and writing. The test is now becoming easier, while still maintaining a level.

It is not a bad idea to start preparing for this test weeks, months or even years in advance. The test tests many areas so the quicker you are prepared the better. There are many books also available to assist you in learning and studying.

It is important that you do well on your SAT but the score you get isn’t always the deciding factor of your dream college. The administrators look at very many different criteria such as your GPA that you maintained in high school, difficulty of classes and extracurricular. If you didn’t do well on the sat but you excel in other areas you still have a chance at your dream school. Similarly, if you did well on the sat but don’t balance your other criteria, your application may be declined.

What about Ivy Leagues?

Yes, its true – some schools are more competitive than others. Ivy Leagues obviously need to maintain their standards higher. To apply to these you need to be exceptionally amazing! You need a high SAT score to take edge.

So there really is no hard and fast rule on how much you need to score to be accepted, but it will help if you have a good sat score to back up your application. Good luck in college!