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It’s About Time – College Success and Life Success

Have you ever said “I’m too busy to get organized”?

Do you set up a system to organize your time and your life and then spend so much time organizing you don’t get anything done?

Do you find that you consistently cut yourself short on some area of your life, such as studies, sleep, finances, friends, family, and self-care?

It’s all about time. Here are some time-related things to consider:

* It is an equal opportunity resource

* It cannot be saved up for later

* It is a non-renewable resource

* It can sometimes seem to pass at varying speeds

* The more time that is wasted in procrastination, the more unpleasant your time will be when you are rushing to complete the put-off task.

* Time is the most valuable resource each of us has

Here is a list of 57 time management hacks complied by the folks at the College @ Home website. I’ve used this list in several classes, and students report finding several useful suggestions for their individual situations and personalities. You will see as you review this information that what’s going here is actually self-management.

We all have the same amount of time to use each day — it’s how you use it that matters. Good time management helps you set priorities, achieve goals, and manage stress. Knowing what you want to achieve and spending your time engaging in activities leading to achieving those goals is at the heart of time management.

Time management is not just for college – it’s for life.