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Masters Degree Studies – Is it Still Worth It?

Are you thinking of getting a masters degree? Well, if you are then you’ve undoubtedly encountered some of the negativity around obtaining a masters degree. Many see it as a waste of time and the main argument is that it counts for very little in the “real world” where experience has become the most valuable asset on your resume. The question remains, is it still worth it?

Completing your masters degree is tough. In most cases people have to do it part time and juggling a job with the extra studies can be a real challenge. In most fields of study it can be completed in 1 to 3 years part time and with numerous on-line degree programs, it can be done at your own pace and convenience.

For many people this degree is a stepping stone. If you ant to take your field of study further then a masters degree is vital. If you want to go on to do your doctors degree, then this is something you have to do. Its also a stepping stone for an academic career and even if you just want to become a lecturer, this will be a requirement in most fields of study.

Having a masters degree is not a waste of time, money and effort in the workplace either. Many argue that practical work experience is worth more than the extra qualification, but there is an argument for getting the degree. Many prospective employers still value the extra qualification. It shows a keen interest in your field and the additional knowledge can be an asset for any business.

Academics are often made out to be too “involved” and that they lack the connection with the “real world” of business. This is nothing but a generalization and if you are career minded and can add the masters to the end of your name then there is no doubt that you will have a lot more career choices.