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Michigan State University – Center of Learning & Excellence

Michigan is one of the most developed states in the United States.The name Michigan is derived from the French adaptation of the Ojibwe word Mishigama which means “large water” or “large lake.” It is the eighth largest state in the country and the only one to have a lengthy shoreline of fresh water bodies.The state is bound by four of the Five Great Lakes in addition to the Lake Saint Clair.Amazingly, Michigan has 64,980 inland lakes and ponds.One can never be too far off from the water in this state.

Michigan is the only state which is made up of two peninsulas – The Lower Peninsula which is shaped as a mitten and the Upper Peninsula which is more significant for tourism and natural resources.

The state of Michigan is also an important center of learning and is home to the prestigious Michigan State University.The University has a rich historical background and welcomes thousands of students both from within the country as well as across the globe.

MSU was established in 1855, when the Michigan Legislature established the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan.This institution was started within three buildings, having a faculty strength of five and 63 male students.This was the first organization of higher learning in the United States which imparted knowledge about scientific agriculture.It served as the prototype for future Land Grant Institutions under the Morrill Act which was enforced during President Lincoln’s tenure.The first batch of graduates crossed over the corridors of MSU in 1861.In 1870, the college became a co-educational organization and started a curriculum of Home Economics for the women students.

The first African-American student walked into the gates of MSU in 1899.Prior to this, the University had started a degree course in engineering and applied sciences to its students in 1885.Over the years, this organization has grown by leap and bounds.

There are numerous departments in the university which impart knowledge on almost all subjects of human life.The following degree granting colleges are affiliated with MSU:

• College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
• Residential College in Arts and Humanities
• College of Arts and Letters
• Eli Broad College of Business/Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
• College of Communication Arts and Sciences
• College of Education
• College of Engineering
• College of Human Medicine
• James Madison College
• College of Law (affiliated)
• Lyman Briggs College
• College of Music
• College of Natural Science
• College of Nursing
• College of Osteopathic Medicine
• College of Social Science
• College of Veterinary Medicine

The University is visited by students and faculty from all corners of the world and hence there are quite a few hotels and motels on the campus for their benefit.The availability of accommodation on the premises saves a lot of unnecessary hassle in terms of time and energy.The following hotels and motels are located in and around the premises of the University:

• Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
• Candlewood Suites at MSU
• B&B Wild Goose Inn
• Baymont Inn & Suites
• East Lansing Marriott
• Waterford Estates Lodge

One can only experience the whole joy being in the campus when one is staying there and therefore the hotels and motels contribute a lot towards this purpose making Michigan State University a much sought after place which has all the facilities at hand.