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Moving on to Campus – What You Need to Bring to College

One of the most overlooked aspects of getting students ready to move on campus is ignoring the college mailings that will be arriving all summer. You get so many that it is easy to put them in a pile and not read them. Make a point to read through the information packets as they arrive and your move to the campus dorm will be easy and stress free. Your college or university will send out a mailing about housing, computer information, and other pertinent information. It may come to the student, who opens it and puts it aside without ever reading it. For example, the housing packet will tell you what size beds are in each dorm room. Most college dorms have twin extra long mattresses, which require specific size bedding. So, you miss that information and buy the regular twin sheets and guess what? They won’t fit the bed.

Check to see what the laundry room requirements are.. do the washers and dryers work on the students ID swipe card or do you need quarters? If so, start saving quarters now. Your student will be thankful to have quarters readily available for their laundry.

How about the option of the mini refrigerator rental? Do you need to sign up in advance of arrival? If so, have them get with their roommate to decide what they want. There are usually multiple options in terms of fridges, microwaves or dual purpose units.

Check your homeowner’s policy to see what, if any, coverages are there for the valuables your student may be bringing. The new computer is especially vulnerable to theft and accidental damages. Encourage your student to leave expensive items at home… an iPod or even the computer will suffice for music.. the costly speakers etc. are not a necessary dorm item.

Finally, check the information sheet for what you will need to hook up the computer. You want to be prepared to get them hooked up to the college internet server. They will need it right away to get their class syllabus, find out their textbook requirements as well as to keep in touch with friends and family. Remind them to explore the options out there that will allow them to save money on college textbooks. The campus bookstore is typically the most expensive route to getting their books.

It is a stressful time for both the kids and parents, so try to relax. You’ll be missing them like crazy as soon as you drive off the campus!