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PhD in Management

The Ph.D. in Management is a doctorate degree that is central to the study of business but broken into various areas of specialization which includes: Accounting, Corporate Secretaryship, Economics, Ethics and Legal studies, Health Care Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Decision Sciences (Decision Theory and Decision analysis), Organizational Behavior, Statistics, Strategy, Technology and Operations Research, Finance, etc.

In the challenging educational world we find ourselves in today, obtaining a faculty or academic position in any higher institution of learning is almost impossible without a doctorate degree. As research is pivotal to the integrity and uniqueness of any graduate educational institution, a business school ranking is generally dependent on the percentage of faculty with doctorates or Ph.D. degrees. It is through research that professors garner the required expertise to lecture advanced courses and ensure that it is up to date with the times. Researching in business incorporates a vast range of activities.

There are many research methodologies that are necessary to be able to the much needed researches in business, A Ph.D. in Management program teaches in depth how to master and employ these tools. The common tools for business research include Modeling, Experiments, Field Studies and Econometrics.
The doctorate degree in management takes about 4 to 5 years to complete and has a general structure of 2 years of intensive coursework (seminars and core courses) and a comprehensive examination; and a 2 to 3 years period of dissertation.

Considering the enormous amount of time needed to become a professor of business, unless one plans to be involved in the academia, an MBA is an option considered most by those that plan for a career in the industry.
There are a lot of institutions, local and abroad that offer the Ph.D. in Management course. Most of them waive the tuition and provide a living expenses stipend to accepted candidates.