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PhD in Mathematics – The Prerequisites

The general aim of the PhD in Mathematics is to prepare eligible candidates to become productive workers in the industry or government. For the academia, it helps the research scholars to be able to communicate their knowledge and expertise to students and other members of the mathematical society. The doctorate program is designed to develop the students to be able to have a fundamental grasp of certain basics in the fields of mathematics as well a deep understanding of a major field of interest. It nourishes the ability to formulate and recognize significant research problems, postulate solutions and transmit same to others effectively.

Candidates eligible for admission into the PhD in Mathematics must complete the requirements for the Masters degree in mathematics and a completion of at least a total of 90 hours of graduate course work of which up to 30 hours may be substituted for dissertation credits.

Maintaining a certain grade point average in certain written preliminary and qualifying examinations is paramount in obtaining admission as well. Exemption from such examinations which covers core areas such as complex analysis, real analysis, algebra, applied mathematics and topology is subject to meeting certain qualifications as well.

Since mathematics requires a regularly updated mind, any prospective student is required to spend at least a semester in advanced graduate or directed reading courses where exposure to research methodology is emphasized and student is expected to gain some knowledge of appropriate research techniques. Each student must prepare a written dissertation proposal detailing the outline of the research to be undertaken and stating relevant resource materials and a list of the mathematical support areas deemed appropriate to the topic of research. Qualifying examinations often test the student’s knowledge and comprehension of the basic mathematics and research approaches. The overall soundness of the dissertation proposal is also brought into consideration.