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PhD in Ministry With a Biblical Sense

A PhD in Ministry is a qualification unlike other doctorate degrees. All tend to focus on knowledge gained and interpreted through human means. The success of one in completing his doctorate degree lies in his superiors’ assessment of his work. A doctorate degree holder in Ministry focuses on theology. In addition to numerous publications written by well qualified biblical scholars, the bible remains as God’s message to man and is the book most sought after and referred to. Apart from pure theology, history is also addressed in order for students pursuing a doctorate program in Ministry to understand how man interacted with God since the creation of time. Based on documented findings in the bible and historical reference materials, man hasn’t changed much in improving his ways.

As part of the coverage of a PhD in Ministry, it is essential to apply practical principles and action to theology. One cannot profess to have the love of God for others if action does not follow suit. Compassion and kindness for others less fortunate is an evident method of displaying God’s love for others. Students are exposed to areas in which they can hone their talents and skills in service towards God by helping the underprivileged. The bible likens man to sheep who wander aimlessly around as they have forgotten the voice of their shepherd. Students who specialize in pastoral areas and counseling help to lead the lost back to their creator. Biblical principles in terms of stewardship and management of resources are taught to students. Upon course completion, whether these students choose to go into full-time ministry or work in a secular environment, these biblical principles serve as a guiding light to ensure integrity and honesty is always foremost.

If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate program in Ministry, it is essential to check that the academic institution is grounded in biblical principles and its faculty staff comprises practicing Christians. It is not much of a point to be assessed and qualified by those who do not believe in what they preach. This is a mark of distinction between a doctorate program in Ministry and other disciplines.