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PhD in Quantitative Finance to Manage Financial Risk

Are you getting what you are about to pay for? A PhD in Quantitative Finance equips the student to relate the world of finance with remuneration and risk. In order to participate in this program, students are required to have prior background and knowledge in math and statistics. As most of the research work delves into designing and creating models to test various approaches to finance and risk, knowledge in software development is essential. Understanding economics of the region is also a handy tool to have as the financial world is closely related to ever changing economics.

An asset to one may not draw the same conclusion to another. As part of the curriculum of this doctorate program, students are challenged to develop and make financial decisions in valuation of assets according to various market sentiments. Mannerisms of financial markets are also make interesting topics for further investigation. Students investigate why a drop of a hat can cause a financial tumble in certain markets whereas others remain steadfast. Domino effects have driven financial markets to a standstill and even cause nations to totter on the edge of bankruptcy. It is therefore of no surprise that financial risk management needs more attention.

A PhD in Quantitative Finance program is designed to motivate its students to design and test their financial models based on real world scenarios. Models can be based on agents, correlation between assets and liabilities, liquidity and many more. If the models do not stand up in a laboratory environment, it is unlikely they stand a chance in harsh reality. As variables are tweaked and adjusted, students thus learn how math is applied onto finance to derive quantitative value. As empirical research is conducted onto micro and macrostructures in financial markets, students observe and document the results.

Financial risk management is an essential element covered in this program as it encourages students to practice experimental finance by predicting market dynamics, applying game theory, adaptation to environment and many more. As much trading is performed over the internet, web-based financial services are also an area for specialization.