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Preparing For a PhD in History

For one to have a PhD in History, you will be qualified to teach at university level related to historical and contemporary issues regarding politics and culture. To enjoy this field of work, you will need to be keen on research and have problem-solving skills regarding such issues. Learning from history, doing things last minute is never a wise option. This also applies in your journey to getting such a qualification. Find out how you can make the best out of graduate school before taking that leap into PhD.

The thing you will consistently be doing is research. You can begin by researching on accredited PhD in History programs from different universities. Some universities require you to study on site, while there are those that have accredited online PhD’s. Their prerequisites will nevertheless be similar, which is the next thing you will need to research on. Making a list of prerequisites allow you to estimate what qualifications are needed from graduate school, giving you a rough idea on how high you should aim. You will also want to consider which locations are inconvenient for you to further your studies to as you are likely to have other commitments. Decide if an accredited online PhD would be best for your circumstances.

Still researching, you will want to find out about the admission and testing processes to the PhD. You will learn that to be accredited with a graduate program in History, you are required to sit for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Before you can sit for this exam, you will need to register yourself for it, which can be done through the Educational Testing Service website. You will be pleased to find the study and exam materials in the website and libraries.

While you are at graduate school, you might want to make use of their resources. You can attain free counseling from your graduate school regarding your financial options. The entire process from graduate degree to PhD is very costly, so you would want to make the best decisions where money is concerned to be able to maintain yourself throughout the process.

Once you are done with graduate school, gather your transcripts and GRE scores. You will also want to have letters of recommendation written for you. If you have already chosen the university to pursue your PhD with, these documents will be needed for your admission. Then, you will need to take note of the curriculum details so that you can make adjustments to your life to complete the program in time.

Last but not least, you will need to conduct your own researches and defend your dissertations.