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Summer School at a Phoenix University – Benefits and Disadvantages

There are numerous benefits to attending summer school at a Phoenix university. These advantages include earning credits in a short period of time and reaching graduation at a quicker rate, financial benefits, social benefits and more. However, students must be sure to avoid the disadvantages of summer programs in order to get the most out of summer courses.

One of the major benefits of enrolling in summer programs at a Phoenix university is the fact that it allows you to either get a jumpstart and earn your degree at a quicker rate or it allows you to make up credit time that you may have missed in the past. Ultimately, it will allow you to reach your goal of graduation in a shorter period of time. This is especially important for individuals who are considering a double major or wish to graduate early.

Summer courses at a Phoenix university also offer an opportunity to expand your social circle by interacting with individuals in a unique environment. For example, some summer programs allow students to participate in work/learning programs in their chosen industry. Other summer programs might allow students to travel during their summer programs and offer the unique experience of exploring another city or country. Summer programs may introduce students to a range of university programs and pique their interest in new disciplines. Summer programs offer students unique experiences that programs offered during the regular school year do not.

Another benefit of enrolling in summer programs at a Phoenix university is the financial benefits. Many universities provide discounts during summer programs. Students are also more likely to receive grants, scholarships, financial aid considerations and other “free monies”. Summer programs at a Phoenix university may allow you to greatly reduce the cost of your college tuition. Students, who complement their summer education with work programs, not only prime themselves for their career they make the most out of their college experience.

There are some disadvantages to taking summer courses at a Phoenix university but by avoiding the following list of “don’ts” students will be able to avoid the pitfalls that summer programs at a Phoenix university can create.

Don’t expect that summer courses at a Phoenix university will be easier and require less work than those offer during the semester. Students receive the same number of credits during summer courses, so they should expect the workload to be the same.

Don’t fall behind. Summer courses are often shorter than courses during the semester and procrastination will make it much harder to catch up and may ultimately result in failure of a summer course.

Don’t overload on summer courses. Students should take only one or two courses at a time. Summer courses at a Phoenix university cram a whole semesters worth of work into a shorter session. Students who take too many courses at once may be overwhelmed at will be unable to succeed. Students should be sure they are going to devote the proper amount of time to a summer course.

Don’t take courses that may be excessively difficult. Students will not have enough time to struggle with material they do not understand. Also, students may not have the time required to receive outside help.

Students who attend summer courses at a Phoenix university will largely benefit from these courses if they are able to avoid the pitfalls. Ultimately, students must remember that it is their summer break and they have to truly be dedicated to the courses they take otherwise they will be unsuccessful.