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Surviving Your First Year

Hillary Scott is a sociology lecturer in Ballbate College in Alamo, Idaho.

Coming to college is a big change for students as many students notice that the college environment is completely different from school environment. Many students used to be popular in school, but when they come to college, they realize that it doesn’t matter anymore. Your school time achievements are limited to your school, and you begin a new life at college. Your academic slate is clean when you start going to college. Your freshman year is the most important as it has an impact on your entire academic life in college.

It is very surprising, but 1 in 4 college students drop out before completing the sophomore year (according to American College Testing). But you don’t need to be scared. There are some easy tips to help you. One thing that I have noticed is that the students who attend all the orientations have fewer issues around the campus. I know there are many students who say it is boring, but believe me, going through all the orientations will help you in many cases.

Open up with the people in residence hall, especially your roommate. Your roommate might change later on, but it is better to get acquainted with fellow freshmen students.

Another great tip is to stay organized. Buy an organizer or a PDA. It will help you keep up with different assignments and their deadlines, as posted by professors. Also, make sure you attend your classes. You might feel lazy and want to skip classes, but attending classes will help you, as you familiarize with different professors, their working style, and the kind of questions they might be putting in the tests.

One great tip I’m going to give to first year students is that they should meet their professors. Generally professors have special hours that are open to their students when they can go and discuss academics with them. If you open up to your professors and get acquainted with them, it will help you a lot through the entire college period.

These are the basic tips for new college entrants. Just be a responsible student and follow he college rules. College time is viewed as most students as fun time, but don’t forget that you are here to make career. Be serious with your academics and it will help you through your life.