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TEACH – The Groundbreaking Sober College Program

Many individual succumb to addiction by not being able to cope with their life. The entire structure of their life becomes shaky in regards to relationships, education, career etc. Sober Living is a guiding star for such individuals. It not only treats the addicted but also extends an effective long term aftercare support, with educating the families as well, for avoiding the relapses. The person begins a new life with new self esteem and zest. But there could be hindrances for them at the school, college level. Therefore before twelve years sober living began a new program TEACH, where newly sobered students could continue their education while still in a supportive and supervised recovery environment and be at par with their peers. Our academic counselors help assessing the students and setting up their milestones for academics as well as gather past transcripts.

All student residents are required to attend daily 12-step meetings both on and off the premises. Ongoing treatment includes relapse prevention classes and workshops to assist them in developing sober leisure skills and healthy college friendships. This ongoing treatment regimen and recovery education is of crucial importance since the recovering students may be continuing on to other colleges where they will be in contact with friends from their “pre-treatment” lives.

We have managed to get there with long standing help of some of renowned colleges in southern California. The concept of rehab College would not have been possible without their able support. Some students arrive here in California after completing primary treatment at another treatment center just to enroll in the T.E.A.C.H. Program. The T.E.A.C.H. college program can help students at all academic levels. Some recovering students begin the T.E.A.C.H. program trying to earn their high school diploma or a GED, while other students have some college credits.

The individual academic counseling will help plan an academic regimen that is just right for each individual student. The T.E.A.C.H. Sober College program has seen many of its students begin by earning accredited and transferable units at local Southern California Community Colleges, and many students have gone on to acclaimed “Top 25” universities and receive their diploma in the arts and sciences. Some students have gone on to earn Law Degrees, become nurses, and complete other advanced degrees.