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The Advantages of Australian Hotel Schools

Australia is renowned throughout the world for offering among the highest standard of education and educational facilities anywhere, and Australian Hotel Schools are no exception.

The education system in Australia offers a world-class standardized system of qualifications that are recognized internationally. And that’s only the beginning.

Add to that the fact that living costs and tuition fees are more affordable than in USA, Canada and the UK and it’s no wonder that over 200,000 international students choose to study in Australia.

Australia is a diverse multicultural society where overseas students thrive in a young, vibrant, culturally rich country that embraces its unique qualities and diverse heritage.

All certified Australian Hotel Schools are registered by the Australian Government and must meet stringent educational guidelines to ensure the hospitality training courses offered are of the highest standards.

Hospitality courses offered at various colleges throughout Australia focus on a number of critical areas, including customer relations, business management, the development and implementation of operational strategies and compliance issues. A Diploma in Hospitality can also include majors in Commercial Cookery; alternatively, students can study towards a Bachelor of Business majoring in Hospitality.

One of the key features of gaining a higher education in Australia is the lateral approach taken by most institutions to the learning process. Emphasis is not only placed on the theory behind courses like hospitality studies, gaining an understanding about how to critically examine various arguments, how to collect and analyze information and the ability to participate in open discussions is also considered important.

The majority of Australian Hotel Schools pride themselves on their ability to offer an active learning process which involves participation from all students rather than a passive listening environment.

It is these factors, plus the friendly open attitude adopted by the advanced learning institutes and colleges that make Australia’s tertiary education system one of the best in the world, particularly in the fields related to outstanding customer service, like hospitality training.

With a Diploma from one of the many prestigious Australian Hotel Schools, graduates have the world at their feet because employers around the globe know that the quality of education and dedication to outstanding work practices taught at Australian hospitality training courses are second to none. And a potential employee knows that that’s as good as it gets.