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The Characteristics of Effective Physician Assistants – Competence

To be an effective physician assistant there are many characteristics that the individual must have, which include those that practicing physicians have attained. The character traits and skills that are required of physician assistants are very similar in nature to those that are required of certified physicians. Those employed as assistants to physicians must mirror this position in as many ways as possible, in order to facilitate an atmosphere where there is a high degree of efficiency in carrying out the prescribed duties.

A high degree of competence is required for any individual engaged in the practice of medicine. The assistance of those who practice medicine must also be highly skilled individuals, in order to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care possible. A high degree of competence will affect many aspects of the assistant’s job, and will have a a positive impact on interpersonal relations within the office. A high level of competence exhibited by an assistant in any profession would generally lead to a harmonious relationship between the assistant and the professional employing the assistant. Highly skilled public assistants help to reduce the burden on physicians, which in turn will free the physician from some of the stress of his position and allow him to focus on the patient’s well-being in a more efficient manner. An incompetent assistant will have the exact opposite of effect on the physician, which demonstrates why competence is so very important.

Competence adds to the self-confidence of the individual that is engaged in any activity, whether it is work related or otherwise. When a person is good at what he or she does, a person develops a heightened sense of self worth, which will psychosomatically lead that person to greater and greater performance heights. As one’s self-confidence rises due to their high-level of competence and achievements in a particular field, their performance anxiety decreases,which gives them the added focus to perform even greater feats in the future. The increased feeling of self-worth gained from competent performance, will also lead to better and heightened interpersonal relationships with those around them.