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The Characteristics of Effective Physician Assistants – Confidence

The characteristics that must be displayed by an effective physician assistant are varied in scope. Those who excel in this profession and many professions like it, must develop many of the skills of the practicing physician and mirror their actions as closely as possible. The characteristics, skills, and traits that must be exhibited in this field differ from many other fields due to the one on one nature of client/assistant interaction. One of the most important character traits that must be developed and exhibited by professional assistants is confidence, due to his ability to exude immeasurable influence on the client and others.

Confidence is a trait that is important to nearly any activity that one engages in. One must display confidence in any activity that one engages in, in order for those around him to believe in his ability to accomplish the task. One can exude confidence in many ways, which include ones walk, one’s posture, one speech, was attitude, and calmness under pressure. Individuals that walk briskly when conducting their business send mental messages to others that they are sure where they are going, and are sure of their abilities in what they are going to do. A slow method of walking sends the message that you are unsure about something, and demonstrates a lack of self-confidence. When an individual displays actions that demonstrate a lack of confidence in himself, then it is very unlikely that those around him will feel confidently about him.

An upright posture usually signals that an individual has confidence in themselves, which influences others to have confidence in him. An observation of leaders both past and present will reveal that they all made it a point to display an upright and erect posture.

It is important to have confidence in one’s knowledge in order to exude a confident speaking pattern. Confident individuals are known for speaking boldly, loudly, and clearly, when addressing an audience. It is important for an individual to have a thorough working knowledge of the subject that he will be speaking on in order to make a high quality confident speech.