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The Characteristics of Effective Physician Assistants – Patience

Physician assistants need to possess a lot of patience. Professionals have a lot of job responsibilities: they take medical histories, treat minor injuries, evaluate lab tests and x-rays, and perform examinations on patients.

When dealing with patients it is crucial for physician assistants to be patient. They need to be able to comfort people and help them get through tough times. When people go to see a doctor men and women feel anxious and just want to get their doctor’s appointment over with. The clinician usually sees the patient after a medical assistant has evaluated them. They need to be patient and listen to everything that the patient has to say about the ailment that they have. Being perceptive is a crucial element of this job because having an accurate medical history is very important to treating people.

When treating patients, it is important to let them relax and understand that even though you are busy; each patient should feel special. For example, when putting stitches on a child’s forehead it is important to be patient, comfort the child, and wait until he or she is ready to have the stitches put into place. In medicine, it is important not to rush through things or it could prove fatal for patients. Even though professionals work under the authority of doctors, they still can make mistakes that injure or kill patients. It is important for them to be patient, make sure that they know all medical conditions, medications, and potential risk factors that their patients have.

Patience is important in any job, but in the life of a clinician, patience is the key. People from the public come to be taken care of and rushing them or becoming aggravated will have negative implications and might dissuade people from seeking medical care early on. Patience is a virtue that everyone needs to have. When dealing with the public it is important to be patient, listen to what patients have to say, and do the best job possible. With this characteristic, all physician assistants can be productive members of the medical community.