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The How-Tos of Getting High Score on GMAT Sentence Correction Test

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer based test given to asses all Masters Business Management candidates for advance business and management programs. The GMAT measures the academic performance of every MBA applicants, and the score greatly affects the overall application. The GMAT includes three distinct areas, the Analytical Writing Ability (AWA), Quantitative, and Verbal. The Sentence Correction portion belongs to the Verbal Section and designed to tests ones ability to identify grammatically correct English.

For most examinee, Sentence Correction can be a big factor to fail GMAT. The Sentence Correction questions cover the 40% of the total items of Verbal questions. Meaning to say, GMAT aspirants should get a high score on Sentence Correction to hit the target Verbal score range. Thus, doing well on Sentence Correction is the main contributor to have a great Verbal score.

Most of the Sentence Correction questions are based on actual content knowledge. Therefore, the examinee must spend more time studying the grammar rules in order to master the core content. Correcting errors in grammar and style, as well as improving sentences by adjusting its structure can be easily done after getting the knowledge of all grammar rules. Familiarizing grammar rules gives confidence to every examinee when answering those very confusing question sentences that GMAT Verbal section throws.

Read the entire sentence question before doing anything else. It is a ‘must’ action when taking Sentence Correction exam. During the Sentence Correction, the examinee will act as the ‘editor’ that will fix the given question sentence. So, it is important to read the entire sentence, to avoid failing the test. Anyway, it’s just only one sentence to read and reading before answering truly saves from failing the exam.

The process of elimination is important when taking up Sentence Correction. Elimination saves time and avoids too much confusion. The first thing to do is eliminate the answers choices that are obviously grammatically incorrect. Next step is to eliminate the choices that destroy the intended meaning of the given sentence. So, there will be only two remaining choices. For most of the cases, the remaining two choices are still vague. The best thing to do here is to choose the most correct or better answer for the given sentence question.

Other essential tips when taking Sentence Correction is by figuring out on what the given sentence is trying to say. If there’s any logical error in the sentence or in some of the answers, just simply eliminate it. Again, figuring out what the sentence should mean using the common sense is a big help towards eliminating answers. If much time is being wasted understanding the sentence by reading it over and over again, then go back to basics: the rules of grammar and the differences between the answer choices.

Passing the Sentence Correction of Verbal in GMAT examination is easy. Yes, it could be so simple when these additional tips and strategies that I’m going to reveal will be followed. To start, you should stop being so scared and better start getting comfortable with the examination. It could be done through reading more books, articles and online GMAT exam resource. Next is focus of your goal. Well, passing the GMAT is definitely the wish of everybody taking it. And lastly, enroll into any GMAT Verbal practice tests. There are many available GMAT exam resources online that provides complete practice tests in Analytical Writing Ability (AWA), Quantitative, and Verbal. So, practicing Sentence Correction is not a problem anymore, plus the fact that these GMAT online programs would really help you to get that high score to get admission into a prestigious graduate business school.