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Training For a Career in Graphic Design Can Start at Your Local Art School

Some of the best training for an exciting career in graphic design can come from your local art school.

At an art school, you can usually concentrate in either illustration, painting, photography, design or even sculpture. Most schools will offer a four-year undergraduate degree, with some of the larger schools having a graduate program for students who already possess their four-year degree.

Kids too young for college can also find art classes that will help develop a young person’s talent. These art classes are usually offered for kids starting from grade school all the way up through high school.

Although most schools’ curriculum are similar, there will be differences from school to school. Some schools concentrate on studio time and projects while others will also include several courses in theory and art history. The type of curriculum that is best for you depends upon what career you see yourself in. Future art teachers, for example, will want to have been exposed to as much history and theory as possible during their college years.

Of course, most successful artists typically have more than just raw talent. Top working artists also know how to structure their time, deal with people and do all of the necessary work that comes along with being an artist. Raw talent is necessary, but knowing how to use that talent is just as important.

Talented artists may not realize their full potential. It happens all the time. Most professional, working artists get formal training, informal coaching and the help of others that pushes them along in their careers.

Art students who don’t see themselves as a working artist can often find great careers in fields like graphic arts and design. Many large companies have marketing departments and they are always on the lookout for talented designers. Big ad agencies and media companies also hire young, talented artists. Each of these companies want to hire students who have a four-year degree from a good school.

Lastly, attending an art school will provide you with something else just as important — good friends, helpful mentors and fellow artists who you will remain in contact with throughout your career. Some of your fellow students may become lifelong friends who will offer you encouragement, advise you on career choices and help you all along your career path. And it can all start at art school.