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Undergraduate Courses For British A-Level Students

Behind every brilliant career is the right choice of university and degree. Students completing their A-Levels and foundation courses will be clamouring for the best undergraduate UK courses to give them the best start in their chosen sector. Students with a clear aptitude in A-Level subjects such as Business Studies and Mathematics should seriously consider a successful business or financial career – or better still, combining the two.

Ensuring students maximise their career prospects is the most important aspect of enrolling in an undergraduate UK course. Finding the right learning environment in terms of facilities, teaching and even professional contacts is crucial in ensuring a graduate does not become a mere unemployed statistic.

Although many universities across the United Kingdom boast business schools and faculties, it is hard not to be impressed by the business schools in the City of London, the epicentre of global business and finance, providing a direct route into professional employment and exploiting everything that London has to offer.

London business schools generally offer high levels of pastoral and academic support for their undergraduates, with countless societies, not to mention the student union. Part-time work is also available in order to part-fund accommodation and tuition fees.

Academically it is important that undergraduate UK courses offer the chance to gain experiences working for a leading organisation as part of a short-term internship during vacations or via a year-long professional placement as part of a sandwich programme. Both options enable students to gain the professional experience that is valued by graduate employers, along with a degree that holds significant credence in the world of business and finance.

With the opportunity to obtain a London business degree and network with other professionals from different backgrounds and industries it creates the perfect environment to exchange ideas and further learning.