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USMLE CK – 3 Tips For a Top Score

The USMLE Step 2 CK exam is an important exam that you must take on your road to matching at a good residency program, so it is of extreme importance to take this exam very seriously and ensure you are using a fantastic source to study from. While finding yourself a fantastic preparation guide to use for your Step 2 CK preparation is important, so is rounding out your studying with the right tools and focus. Here are three very important tips you can use to ensure you not only pass the CK exam, but that you score above average.

TIP #1 – Use question banks to learn, not to gauge your potential for success.

Most people will talk between their peers and ask what their scores on USMLE World and Kaplan may be, and it is understood that you need a certain percentage on these practice tests if you hope to do well on the exam. The key to doing well on the exam is to use the questions as a tool to learning new information and filling in the gaps in your knowledge. Do not worry about your scores as you take these practice tests, worry solely on learning something new from each and every question, even the easy questions have something to teach you, so pay close attention to each and every question.

TIP #2 – Pay close attention while in the hospital

There is a reason why medical students are supposed to take the CK exam after their 3rd year of medical school, and that is because 90% of the exam is based on things you are supposed to learn from the wards. Pay close attention to everything you are taught on the wards, take detailed notes on things you discuss during the day, and incorporate this knowledge into your other study guides to give yourself a well-rounded education and potential for doing well on the exam.

TIP #3 – Don’t wait too long before studying

In theory, you should start preparing for the USMLE Step 2 CK exam the day you pass the Step 1 exam. While intense study isn’t required immediately, it is important to give yourself plenty of time to learn the basics of clinical medicine. This information is voluminous, and adequate preparation time with comprehensive study aids is an absolute must if you hope to score well above the mean. The best way to succeed is to study the material as you go through each rotation, which will help you build your knowledge base slowly and comprehensively.

These three tips can help you succeed on the Step 2 CK exam, and be sure to use one solid study guide for the CK exam, just as you did for the Step 1 exam with the First Aid study guide.