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USMLE Step 2 Tips – 3 Tips For a Top Score

If you want success on the Step 2 exam, not only do you need to study hard and from the right sources, but you need some quality USMLE Step 2 tips. If you are looking to pass the exam, these tips will help you do so easily, if your goal is to score well above the current average of 217, then these tips should be followed very closely and regularly throughout your USMLE Step 2 preparation.

So what exactly are these tips that can help you score above the current CK average?

USMLE Success Tip #1 – Study with the patients in mind.

This may sound confusing, but if you can see your study material as individual cases rather than just steps in a disease, then you will have an easier time recognizing certain diseases when they appear in a question.

For example, let’s say you are studying about management of a stroke patient. Instead of simply reading your notes and seeing “Step 1 – CT without contrast, Step 2 – Aspirin administration, etc, etc”, visualize yourself dealing with a patient as you study. When you use your study notes in a proactive way, you really allow yourself to learn medicine instead of simply learning the theory of medicine.

USMLE Success Tip #2 – Link your theory with a question bank

For the reasons mentioned in tip #1, it is important to do a question bank in conjunction with your theory studies. Not only will this help you become a better physician down the road, but it will really bring it all together and solidify your knowledge so that come USMLE test time, everything you are asked is easily answered and you will understand why, instead of simply regurgitating memorized information.

USMLE Success Tip #3 – Keep studying as simple as possible

You may be guilty of this from the past, and that is having 3-4 books spread out on the table in front of you, going from source to source trying to tie it all together. While this may seem like the best way to ensure well-rounded preparation, it is also the fastest way to becoming stressed out and frustrated with an overload of study guides. Find yourself one study source that contains everything you need to achieve the success you desire, use it in conjunction with the top question banks available for the CK, and you will learn everything you need to know and more, ensuring yourself a top score with minimal stress and frustration.

These three tips can help you achieve the score you will need to ensure a top residency while helping you maintain your sanity and staying as stress-free as possible.