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Why Online LSAT Prep is Better Than Classroom LSAT Courses

Although the internet has been around for a long time, online LSAT prep has not. Now, with high speed internet at its fastest and the demands of life at their highest, students are looking more to prepping for the LSAT online as an efficient and affordable way to prepare for the exam.

In fact, many of these students are realizing that online LSAT prep is not only less expensive and more convenient, but that it is much better for their LSAT score. Broadly speaking, it has been demonstrated that online learning is superior to classroom instruction. This is confirmed by a 12-year meta-analysis of research by the U.S. Department of Education, which found that higher education students in online learning generally performed better than those in face-to-face courses.

One reason that online LSAT prep is more effective is the efficiency in which it operates. No time is wasted driving to class, chit-chatting with other students (who only make you nervous anyways) and laughing at canned jokes from the instructor. Online LSAT courses focus just on what is most important, instruction and practice.

If you have ever taken an in-person LSAT class, you know that it is difficult for an instructor to tailor the class to your needs. Maybe you don’t need help in reading comprehension, or maybe you really don’t understand formal logic; in a classroom course, you would have to take what is given, perhaps getting in a question or two after class to the instructor as he rushes to his car. With some online LSAT prep, you can revisit tutorials as many times as you like, and review difficult problems for as long as you like, until you learn what you need to know. Obviously, in this type of educational setting, you will learn much more and much more efficiently.

Of course, none of these reasons for choosing online LSAT prep even involve the #1 reason students choose to prep online: cost. Some online LSAT course (like LSAT Freedom) are over 50% less than their counterparts. It is no wonder more and more students are choosing to prep for the LSAT online.